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Considerate smokers leave no ashes or butts.
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Are you OK with working full days in the hot sun? Work is outside and inside; job locations change frequently.
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Do you have any physical limitations that could prevent you from performing duties common to the painting trade? Afraid of heights? Uncomfortable on ladders? Lifting restrictions?
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A few of our jobs every year are far enough away (3+Hours) that they require staying overnight at a hotel (This is rare). Are you able to do out of town work?
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Which competitive sports have you played? Intramural and competitive pickup games are OK, casual play is not included.
What visual art or musical endeavours have your pursued?
How Detail Oriented are you? *
Aspects of painting require a keen eye and a precise following of instructions.
Who Gets Hired? *
Painter A can paint 2 doors in one hour. Painter B can paint 4 doors in one hour. Both do the work safely and with excellent quality.
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We keep a professional image at all times.
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In painting - 'cleanliness is next to godliness'. Work vans, shop space, and our customers jobs sites must be treated with great respect.
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We are a family oriented company. So we protect our evenings and weekends to keep them free. However often certain seasons require longer days and weekends. Are you able to work evenings and weekends if required?
We are a company that who cares, has fun, and has high expectations of performance. Please explain how you would be a great fit:
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Please send your Resume with at least 3 reference after completing this form to info@broeskypainting.ca. Email address is at the bottom of your website.
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